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MEDOLIS Medical Center

Special practice of endocrinology

Trust us with the examination of your hormonal balance and thyroid gland. Our experienced and highly qualified specialist cordially welcomes you in a modern and elegant environment.

Dr. Gazdag Annamária

Head of the consultation of endocrinology at MEDOLIS Medical Center, endocrinologist and internist.

Our services

Thyroid gland

Examination and treatment of thyroid dysfunctions.

Specialist consultation

Examination, consultation and providing information about health problems.

Nodular goiter

Examination and follow-up.

Pregnancy and puerperium

Examination and treatment of related thyroid diseases.

Parathyroid gland

Examination and treatment of diseases connected with calcium level disorders.

Pituitary gland

Examination of diseases and planning of treatments.

Adrenal gland

Examination of diseases and planning of treatments

Excessive hair growth

Detection and examination of hormonal reasons.

High blood pressure

Finding the hormonal reasons causing high blood pressure.

Female and male infertility

Endocrine internal medicine examination.


Endocrine internal medicine examination regarding absence of menstruation.

Male sexual function

Examination of hormonal disturbances of impotence.

In English

Examination in English and evaluation of medical documents in English.

Our endocrinologist

Consulting hours


Feedback from our patients

Our patients are the top priority for us and we greatly appreciate for placing trust in our surgery.