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MEDOLIS Medical Center

Special practice of neurology

Trust us with the comprehensive examination of your nervous system. Our highly qualified doctors cordially welcome you in a modern environment.

Dr. Rab Tibor

Neurologist and specialist of BOTOX treatments at MEDOLIS Medical Center.

Our services

General examination

Neurological examination and consultation.


Examination and adjustment of a therapy.


Risk assessment of cerebral circulatory disorder (stroke) and adjustment of prevention.


Neurology consultation.

Submission of previous findings

Consultation and examination.

Movement disorders

Diagnosis, separation and starting a therapy.


Examination and advice.

Pain in limbs and numbness

Examination and adjustment of a therapy

Chronic neck and lower back pain

Examination and adjustment of a therapy

Memory loss

Examination of cognitive decline and adjustment of a therapy.

Excessive underarm sweating

Treatment with botulinum toxin.

In English

Examination in English and evaluation of medical documents in English.

Our neurologists

Consulting hours


Feedback from our patients

Our patients are the top priority for us and we greatly appreciate for placing trust in our surgery.