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MEDOLIS Medical Center


We cordially welcome our patients at our special practice of gynecology in a modern and elegant environment offering complete gynecological examinations.

Our special practice of gynecology focuses on gynecological cancer screening, screening for sexually transmitted infections and ultrasound imaging in the field of diagnostics.

We pay particular attention to the examination and treatment of problems during menopause at our menopause out-patient department.

Our first priority is to provide maximum confidence to our female patients who come to visit our special practice.

Dr. Jashanjeet Sawhney

Head of the special practice of gynecology at MEDOLIS Medical Center, gynecology specialist

Our services

Menopause out-patient department

Identifying normal or pathological effects of menopause (climax).

General examination

Gynecological examination and consultation.

Gynecological examination

Gynecological physical examination, video colposcopy, vagina and /or abdominal ultrasound examination.

Check-up consultation

Gynecological check-up consultation

HPV and cervical cancer screening

Prescription writing

Prescription writing and providing information.

STD Panel

Testing sexually transmitted diseases

Contraceptive appliances known as IUDs

Placement / removal

COMPLEX cervical cancer screening

including a gynecological examination.

Prescription for emergency contraceptive pills

Pregnancy test

Our gynecologists

Consulting hours

Dr. Jashanjeet Sawhney


Feedback from our patients

For us, you are the most important, to whom we are grateful for your trust in us.